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MyRapAudition is a digital advertising agency specializing in the production of 15-sec Hip Hop video ads. Our service provides our clients with multiple HD ready commercials to choose from by crowdsourcing.

We host, promote & manage a contest for our clients to produce the videos. This is an effective & efficient way to create branded video content for online marketing.

Why Just 15 Seconds?

- Pre-rolls
- Instagram
- Facebook
- Mobile
- Sponsored Stories
- Native Video Ads

To our clients, MyRapAudition delivers:

- The ability to turn brand followers into creators
- Quick & efficient video content creation
- Amplified brand creativity with targeted messages
- The ability to make social media engaging & interactive
- Consumer driven innovation & distribution
- Promote brand emotional experiences
- The opportunity to test new creative video ad campaigns
- Viral video marketing
- New media opportunities
- Brand Entertainment

What’s in it for the artists? They win prize money and notoriety.

Contact us today to launch a project with MyRapAudition and discover new possibilities and demographics for your business and brand through our unique creative process.

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