Search Engine Optimization is the surest way to help your customers find your business. When properly crafted, SEO integration into your web presence (including all social channels) delivers qualified leads directly to you. D. Peacock Studios codes websites and coordinates social media streams to achieve both audience engagement and search results. Coupled with Google Analytics that track the sources of your leads, a comprehensive program for capitalizing on your prospective customers’ search efforts is individualized for each and every client.

Case Study

Dr. David Gore is a psychologist practicing Alpharetta, GA. We re-designed his corporate website using html5, mobile-friendly using the Bootstrap4 framework on a WordPress site and optimized the images and content to improve the site’s load time. Dr. Gore’s goal was to integrate his growing social media audience into his website. His WordPress blog is optimized to push to multiple social media channels and by integrating SEO keyword research and competition analysis, we dramatically improved his search results.


  • Less than 3 seconds load-time
  • Front page Google search results
  • Improved Security and monthly traffic increase
  • Produce graphic content for review
  • Google My Business 97% Discovery